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Sahaaya app, made to solve civic issues lacks efficiency

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Sahaaya, a Geographical Information System (GIS) based application interface to help citizens lodge complaints regarding civic issues has been witnessing server crashes, lagging, and sometimes unresponsive tabs.

Apart from this, users who have used the application to lodge complaints have received a lethargic response from the BBMP’s response team.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had launched Sahaaya, in January. Its aim was to bring in transparency in BBMP’s work, and provide the complainants a deadline before which the problem will be solved. The application helps citizens voice their concerns to the departments concerned for further action. Users can monitor the status of a complaint or a request. Even though BBMP has provided many such features to help citizens of the city, problems still persist.

Prithu Hazarika, a resident of Mathikere said, “After BBMP workers laid pipes around the locality to redirect gutter water, they have not come back to fix the road that they had dug up in the first place. I am a user of the app and I have registered a complaint with BBMP two weeks ago. My complaint was picked up by them but they have not dealt with the problem.”

Sahaaya came as an ambitious initiative by the BBMP to interact with citizens in a quick and efficient manner even though there are other citizen centric applications already in existence that serve the same purpose as Sahaaya.

ichangemycity is a GIS based site made by Janagraha an NGO that connects people locally, and helps them discuss and act on civic issues. This website overall has the same features as Sahaaya; one might not see the point of BBMP Sahaaya or its inception.

Mr Hazarika also said that, it was a good initiative by the government to have an interactive app for people who are always on the go. He hoped more websites like sahaaya and ichangemycity should come up so people could have more options.

– Sumit Dasgupta


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