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Students flaunt art work at Guernica

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A variety of photographs and art works were displayed at Guernica, an art exhibition of Department of Visual Communication, held at the UG Quadrangle on Wednesday.

The exhibition was organised by Images, an association which aims to help students in learning how to read and produce images as a means of communication. Mr Shivanand Basavanthappa, an eminent artist was the Chief Guest for the event.

Dean at Bodhi College of Fine Arts, Mr Basavanthappa said, “Today, Indian students have many opportunities available. I see immense talent in these art works and I hope it is further developed in a proper way. Art requires an individual to possess a great amount of skill. I encourage students to set up similar art exhibitions and invite people, which will eventually give them confidence.”

Reflecting on the importance of art, Mr Basavanthappa also encouraged the students to nurture their talent and reach out to Chitrakala Parishad or Venkatappa Art Gallery in Bengaluru for support.

After the new office bearers were elected, the Department decided to have a small display of all the photographs and art work of students. Students volunteered readily as some of them had their art work ready, while some decided to create new ones. The staff encouraged many students who had not been trained, but they had an aptitude for photography.

Head, Department of Communication, Professor Johnson Rajkumar said, “Art is important to bring out messages in the open. The whole idea of this exhibition came from the art work done by students. This was meant for the College to see the hard work that goes behind art. It is a great step forward by Images to share these artistic pieces. If art wins, so does the artist.”

– Saili Desai, II MS COM


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