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“The Reading Room” for book lovers

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“The Reading Room”, a discussion group for book lovers, at St Joseph’s College, was organised by the Literary Society of the Department of English. This idea is initiated to encourage students and teachers to read books regularly.

Each time a novel is chosen, it is read over a two week period, followed by a discussion among teachers and students. They also organise other reading activities once a month.

This week “Chronicles of a Death Foretold” a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, has been chosen for the members to read. In the coming weeks the members are planning to read “The House on Mango Street” novel by Sandra Cisneros.

Speaking to The Beacon, Ms Vijeta Kumar, the coordinator of The Reading Room said, “I was a lazy reader myself and this initiative has helped me to read more books.” She said that the aim of organising this was to encourage students as well as teachers to read books regularly.

The Reading Room is open to students across all departments, both for under graduate and post graduate students.

Rhea Muthamma, II MS COM


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