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KDSS to protest for justice

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The Karnataka Dalit Sangharsha Samiti (KDSS) will be organising a protest on July 27 to demand justice for Dalits against the atrocities faced by them.

The protest walk will begin at 11:30 am from the Gandhi statue near Mayura Hotel and will proceed to the Home Minister’s residence.

On July 12, Ramesh, a dalit, marketing employee of Airtel was arrested by the High Grounds police constables on the order of Sub-Inspector Kiran Kumar. He was arrested though an FIR was not filed against him.
He was arrested after allegedly having an altercation with a BJP supporter. It was widely reported that the police tortured him by beating him with hockey sticks and pouring hot water on his legs. He sustained injuries on his leg and there are wounds on his body. He is currently under going treatment in Bowring Hospital.

After investigating the matter, the Police Commissioner M.N Reddy found that the Sub-Inspector and three other constables guilty of illegally detaining and beating up Ramesh in police lock-up on 15 July. Subsequently, the four were suspended. The family of the victim and KDSS have filed a case against the Sub-Inspector and the constables.
Speaking to The Beacon, the lawyer of the victim said that they had filed a case against the suspended police officials. “Even after a lapse of 10 days the police and the constables have not been arrested. The victim deserves justice,” he said.

Murli Krishna, brother of the victim said, “Our family is under pressure. My brother has been brutally tortured by the Sub Inspector and the constables. We want them arrested. They are trying different methods on us so that we take the complaint back. But we are not going to succumb. We want justice.”

Sushmita Das


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