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Change in routes near Anandrao Circle and Manyata Tech Park

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BENGALURU: The Bangalore Traffic Police has decided to make significant changes in traffic direction in different parts of the city. As a first step, the change was implemented at Anandrao Circle on Wednesday.

Speaking to The Beacon, S Girish, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said “The change is to ease the traffic during the peak hours. Road diversions and one-way are indicated on roads for the commuters’ convenience.”

On asked about how many traffic officials are assigned duties for the same, he said, “Usually it is just one traffic police functioning at a signal, but today it is the first day of the change in route. Hence we have five traffic officials handling the Anandrao Circle traffic.”

Commenting on the traffic problem in and around Anandrao Circle, Mr Mahesh N, a regular commuter on this route, said, “I hope that the traffic problem in the evening reduces with this significant change in route; it is very tiring to get through this area during peak hours.”

In order to reduce peak-hour traffic, similar changes have been implemented near Manyata Tech Park as well.

Melita, II MS COM


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