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RTO drive steps up ante against offenders in Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials conducted a surprise raid on Cubbon Park on Thursday to apprehend and penalise vehicles from outside the state that are not complying with the rules.

Under the Karnataka Motor Vehicles act, 1989, all vehicles registered outside the state would have to pay lifetime taxes after a buffer period of 30 days, yet the officials have been able to catch at least 30 vehicles in one day which have not complied with the law. “We are conducting surprise checks around the city to penalise offenders. Many people purposely register their vehicles outside the state to escape the state’s taxation laws.

“They do know that it is illegal but they still go ahead with it. We cannot permit such vehicles to run scot-free. Most of the vehicles that are registered outside the state are high-end vehicles which come under a higher tax bracket,” said Mr Sudeesh, Motor vehicles Inspector.

The surprise checks are being conducted across the city in areas such as Jayanagar, K.R. Puram, and Indiranagar. Authorities have also indicated on extending the drive to other parts of the city as well.

Simultaneous checks were also conducted near Vidhana Soudha. “We are catching only non-Karnataka vehicles. If they have complied with the rules we have no problem, otherwise they would have to face the law,” said Mr Rajkumar, squad member.

Owners of vehicles that were seized said, they need to be given time to pay the required amount rather than having their vehicles seized abruptly.

– Akash S Vadanan, II MS COM


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