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SWSA concludes with cultural events on final day

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Social Work Student Association’s (SWSA) two-week long cultural festival for 2015 concluded with a series of events at Xavier Hall on Wednesday.

Lt Akshay Mandlik, co-ordinator, National Cadet Corps (NCC), was the judge for the events on the final day.

Reflecting on the efforts put in by the Department for SWSA, Titu Zacharia, II MSW, said, “Every year, the number of students who actively take part in the events of this cultural association has increased. SWSA has not only helped us grow, but it has always been a great experience for the entire Department.”

During the valedictory ceremony, Social Work Department professors felicitated the participants for their contribution in poster making, debates, quiz, sketching, essay writing, cooking, street play, tablo, music and dance competitions held over the last two weeks.

Prof Kiran Jeevan, Head, Department of Social Work, gave away trophies to I MSW for Best Class and maximum participation, while II MSW were announced the winners for SWSA 2015.

– Saili Desai, II MS COM


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