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Be a donor, gift life : Lions Club International

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BENGALURU: On Organ Donation Day, Lions Club International, Bengaluru District 317A organised an organ donation campaign at Lalbagh Botanical Garden on Thursday to spread awareness and encourage the public to sign up as donors.

The campaign was inaugurated by Hemanth Kumar, District Governor, 317A. Speaking about why donating organs is important, he said, “There is no use of taking the organs to the grave. If you donate your organs, you will not just save one life but eight.”

The Lions Club roped in Mohan Foundation, National Institute of Mental Health and Nuerosciences, the Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation, and Lions Super Speciality Eye Hospital for this campaign.

Akshatha, coordinator of Mohan Foundation and donor said, “It’s a proud feeling to pledge your organs. When you die, someone could possibly survive. In a way, you are still alive.”

She also said that Lions Club International carries this campaign annually and always tries to involve many organisations to make it a success.

“Most of the people were apprehensive as they didn’t know the procedure behind organ donation or what organ donation is for, that matter. We spoke to all those interested and let them know what it is, its benefits, and the process patiently.” said Mr Kumar, speaking on the difficulties they faced during the campaign.

The campaign began at 6.30 a.m. and attracted around 40 donors in a span of two hours. The volunteers carried banners in Lalbagh Garden and answered queries of interested people.

– Akshita


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