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Get a taste of Vietnam

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BENGALURU: The Sixth Vietnamese Food festival is being hosted by Benjarong, a Thai restaurant, to make the people of Bengaluru aware of the Vietnamese food culture and tradition.

The festival is presented by the restaurant with eminent expat Chefs Nguyen Thi Nho and Ly Kim Ngain, from Vietnam visiting India exclusively for the festival to present authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The duo have designed a special signature menu for the festival which includes handpicked selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies.

Exquisite preparation and cooking techniques, along with delicate and appealing presentation while serving, are the unique appeal of this traditional type of cuisine. The celebration of their tradition with healthy food is seen through this two-week festival at Benjarong.

According to the restaurant manager, Vietnamese food is considered as one of the healthiest cuisines all over the city. The festival started on July 29 and will go on till August 16 in the restaurant located on Ulsoor Road, Bengaluru.

– Anantha


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