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CSA holds its meeting for Exodus

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CAMPUS: The Christian Students Association (CSA) held a meeting in the Xavier’s Hall to chalk out its plan for the annual College fest Exodus, on Monday.

Mr Kiran Jeevan, CSA co-ordinator said, “The main agenda of the meeting was to plan the event management. We have formed core-committees and have volunteers. As of now, we have 180 volunteers and 60 core-committee members. This time Exodus fest is happening on a national level. We are entering into the 28th year of the fest with a theme of Gracias, which means thanksgiving.”

Maria, II B.Sc. (Biotechnology), said, “The CSA is the biggest association at St Joseph’s College. I am working as a volunteer for the fest this time. There are many events this time which include making greeting cards, cartooning and choreography.”

Exodus is scheduled to be held on August 29-30, 2015. It was first conceptualised by the former Principal of St Joseph’s College, Dr Fr Ambrose Pinto SJ.

– Rashmi PK


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