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Mathematics Department sets up its first lab

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CAMPUS: Undergraduate and Post Graduate Mathematics students got a good opportunity for their learning and practice, as a Math laboratory was opened in the campus, on August 8.

Commenting on the need of a lab, Dr Madhukar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, said, “To make theory more understandable, practicals are very important. Students compute their learning in the practical class and are able to derive solutions faster.”

Speaking to The Beacon about how the idea cropped up, he said, “It was Bangalore University who initiated the idea to have a Math lab, to be in par with every other college in the city.”

“The lab makes use of Linux operating system as it’s got a strong firewall, anti virus and free of cost. Windows, on the other hand, is expensive and is less secure.” said Mr Madhukar.

The students are taught two Linux based software programmes, Sci lab and Maxima. These programmes are used to solve complex problems, user friendly and are widely used in colleges.

– Akshita.S

tarted functioning, the UG students were taught how to use the software, in theory. However, the PG students started practicing on their personal laptops much earlier.

Mr Madhukar added, “The faculty and the students are extremely happy to open our first lab. We are going to make optimum use of the lab and it will benefit the students immensely in the long run.”


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