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Richmond renovates on construction of footpath and cycle track

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BENGALURU: The stretch between Richmond to Residency road is being dug by National Asphalt Products & Construction Company (NAPC), from Chennai, in order to construct a footpath and cycle track of 400 meters.

The work commenced from first week of July and is expected to be done by September. As the road is under construction, it has created inconvenience to the public and disrupts their day to day life due to congested traffic.

“We find it really difficult and uncomfortable to walk on roads and the traffic is hectic these days, and this work leads to dust pollution” said Mr Arvind Joshi, Network Manager, Infosys. As Bangalore in known for the traffic issues, road construction makes it slow and difficult for the public to carry on their daily life.

“They are not winding up the work soon, and this won’t cover the entire issue that is happening in the city” said Mr Anoop Sashi, Floor Manager in The Chancery Pavilion.

While speaking to the project incharge Mr Arunachallam, Senior Engineer of the project. “We are doing this for welfare of the public, very few realize it but many fail to acknowledge. And we do our best to finish our work on time.”

– Eshwar


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