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School childrens’ expressions on Independence Day

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BENGALURU: Parades, march pasts, and dance fill the whole of Parade Ground; and the city gears up for some gala time in the celebration of 69th year of Independence.

The Manek Shaw Parade ground has been undertaking rehearsals every day. Various schools practice their respective events for the participation on August 15. Interacting with the young school students and teachers on their emotions, duties, and expectations out of the Independence Day, The Beacon got varied responses.

Yasma, a student from Lily Rose English High School (LREHS,) said that it didn’t matter to her either, as long as she knew the basic history behind Independence Day. Asmeen, a student from the same school, said that she was forced to participate in the functions for Independence Day. On the other hand, students like Vikram, Pranay, Aparna from LREHS said that they have been participating every year for the Independence Day with the equal level of excitement. “I see it as my privilege to be participating in my nation’s Independence Day celebration,” said Muskaan, St Aloysius School.

“The Parade Ground has been full of lively atmosphere with students seen marching, and wearing colorful costumes, dancing to patriotic songs,” said L Suresh, a police constable, who had his duty on-field, for the safety and security of the students. “It is lovely seeing the young souls full of enthusiasm to celebrate such an honorable day,” he added.

Beyond festivity and celebration, Independence Day has an acknowledging and respecting factor of the whole notion of India being a free country. “Through celebrations we are trying to pay our tribute to all those who fought for this day, for us,” said Tanuja, student, Bharath Seva Dal.

Prachi, a teacher from St Aloysius School, expressed her views that students from a very tender age should be taught about the sacrifices of freedom fighters for this free country we are living in. “The students should come upfront on their own to pay their tributes to this day. We should not compel anyone,” she added.

– Shirsha


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