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SJC student gets selected for National Youth Exchange Programe

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NCC Cadet Rajat Kumar, II IES is one of thirteen students to represent India in Vietnam in the National Youth Exchange Programme (NYE) through Republic Day Cam (RDC), in September.

Speaking to The Beacon, Kumar narrated the selection process for NYE, which had a tough written exam on general andarmory knowledge, group discussions, and an interview with Additional Director General and Director General. Along with the 13 other representatives, he is the only cadet from the Karnataka and Goa directorate.

“Anything that comes easy is not worth keeping,” said Kumar, explaining his motto that he has always worked hard for his goals. “I regularly read and follow news on Indian army. I also do regular exercises and participate in the parades conducted by the NCC wing, which has really helped me in making it to the NYE selections”. He also added that he aspires to join the Indian Army after completing his graduation.

Speaking on the role of college in his achievement he said, “The college has been very supportive by giving me a platform to go to RDC through the NCC wing and teachers have always been supportive and helpful with academics while I was away for camps.”

Commenting on the achievement of Rajat Kumar, the NCC coordinator of the college, Mr. Akshay Mandalik said, “It is a matter of great pride that he is representing India and he is the second person from the college to be selected for the National Youth Exchange Program,”

In NYE program, the students are given a platform to learn the defence and armory functioning of other countries.


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