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Water-filled potholes disturb Dollars Colony

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BENGALURU: The residents of Dollars Colony have been facing negligence by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) as the potholes and the damaged roads disturb the commuters.

“It is unsafe for children to walk along the roads, especially young kids,” said Mrs Sharma, a resident. The sight of Dollars Colony that greets the commuters on the roads is overlooked by the officials. Scary potholes are an eyesore, a danger zone for children and an obstruction to road safety.

Residents have made efforts to contact the BBMP to act on the situation but no initiative has been taken. “Due to the pouring rains, the roads get flooded and one never knows where one is putting their foot. The BBMP is treating the complaints very casually,” complained Ms D’Souza, a resident.

“We are receiving many complaints and we are reviewing them and the public should also understand that all these processes take time,” said Raghu Gowda, a BBMP official. He added that the BBMP should attend to the problems of the public after the elections.

– Noel Ajoy William


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