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Avial cooks up storm at Whitefield

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Kerala-based band Avial Performed at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield on Wednesday.

Avial, the rock band known for its eccentricity and deep roots in the South Indian culture took the stage to a massive audience. The band, known for performing all their tracks in their native language, Malayalam, attracted many Malayalis and non-Malayali fans from Bengaluru.

Avial is an Indian Alternative rock band with their own distinct style of music known as ‘Alternative Malayali Rock’.

Avial kicked off the show with a high octane number with Anandraj Benjamin Paul the vocalist, singing out Malayalam melodies while Tony John rapped. Many of Avial’s tracks relate to the villages in Thiruvananthapuram and social evils that pervade Southern India.

Gautham Ramachandran, a resident of Whitefield had this to say, “I stumbled upon Avial around four years ago in a gig at Kyra. Ever since I have been their avid follower.”

“Nowadays, we see many bands try to mimic the success of musicians from western countries. Avial is one band which distances itself from that, while using genres and instruments from around the globe,” says Rohan SM, Animator.

Avial, is known for its two iconic tracks, ‘NadaNada’ which means ‘Walk Walk’ and ‘AaduPaambe’ (snake charming).Avial’s performance follows Thaikkuddam Bridge, who had performed at the same venue on Sunday night as part of The Big Mirchi Festival.

– Vijay


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