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“Garbage is like a bomb waiting to explode”

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BENGALURU: The garbage dumped and left un-cleared for over three days has become a huge concern for the residentsin Sampige Road area.

Dumping trash on the streets has becomea habit for people in Bengaluru. The garbage in the streets is not just unsightly but also unhygienic.It is alsoa concern of public healthas rodents andmosquitos spread malaria, dengue and other dreadful diseases.

“Garbage is like a bomb waiting to explode, dustbins are required in the area,” said Manish Jain, a resident of Malleshwaram.The waste from the flower market is dumped here even after BBMPissuing consecutive warnings. The board asking peoplenot tothrow garbage, and warning them with a fine of Rs 500 does not seem to bother anyone around.

“I wish the authorities fix a CCTV camera, and fine those who throw garbage here,” said Akshay, a medical store owner and a local resident. The unpleasant smell of the rotten garbage is causing inconvenience to the regular life of the localites. “I would request BBMP to take a strict action and provide solution to this problem,” added Akshay.

– Tina


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