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Jains take protest march; oppose HC order

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Protesting against the judgement of the Rajasthan High Court (HC) over the Sallekhana(fast unto death) ritual, Jains from all over Karnataka organised a silent march in Bangalore on Thursday

The march was organised from the Adinatha Jain temple,Chickpet, to Freedom Park. People from Jain community all overKarnataka, took time off their working schedule to extend their support for the protest.

Chickpet,known for its busy atmosphere, worea deserted look on Thursday morningas all the Jain businesses pulled down the shutters.Mr Sajjan Raj Mehtha, Co-ordinator of the protest said, “All the disciples of Lord Mahaveer,in one voice, are opposing the ban on Santhara.This is the only practice that highlightsthe importance of death.Santhara is taken with joy unlike suicide, which is taken with pain.”

He added that lawyers from the Jain communitywill file a petition with the Supreme Court within a week, and expect the ban to be revoked.

Over 500 people participated in the protest. Many more were expected to join the protest later in the day.

Speaking about the misconceptions against Santhara, Mr Sunil Sankhle,anotherCo-ordinator said, “Santhara is never forced on people. It is only opted when a person is affected with an incurable illness.”

After the protest, the co-ordinators met the Governor of Karnataka, V R Vala and submitted the memorandum expressing their disagreement with the HC order.

– Srimathi


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