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SC makes tougher traffic laws

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BENGALURU: With the intention to tighten traffic rules and regulations, the Supreme Court-appointed Committee, has instructed all states and union territories to suspend all driving licenses of traffic rule violators for a minimum of three months.

According to this committee the violations include, jumping red light, driving under the influence of alcohol, overloading of goods in goods carriers and passengers travelling in goods carriers. With regards to two wheelers, helmets will be mandatory for both the rider and pillion rider.

The committee also decided that the violation of this rule will result in the offender being fined in the first instance and also will result in suspension of their drivers license, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, and also will be subjected to two-hour session on road safety education.

Speaking to the Beacon Sub Inspector Srinivas of the Jayanagar traffic police station said, “80 percent of the people are educated, but 90 percent of the traffic violations are committed by these educated people.”

Adding to this, he said tightening of traffic laws instills a sense of fear and responsibility among citizens and helps in maintaining order on the streets.

With regards to two-wheelers, the committee has made it mandatory for pillion riders also to wear helmets. “I think I would go for it…it’s a good idea,” said Mr Victor Goswamy, a sales professional. His colleague Anand Goswamy , who was a pillion rider said, “ It is actually good to wear a helmet. It keeps me safe from dust and the pillion rider also faces an equal risk.

– Reevan


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