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Social media raises furor over sacking of IPS officer

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The recent sacking of IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatthas brought the Narendra Modi government into controversy again.

The 1988 batch IPS officer who took on Narendra Modi for the 2002 Gujarat riots was suspended in 2011 for remaining absent from duty without permission and misuse of official vehicles. He was finally dismissed from service on August 13. The incident took social media by storm with netizens changing their profile pictures to the officer’s photo in uniform.

Vinutha Mallya, Bangalore based publishing editor posted on Facebook, “The dismissal of Sanjiv Bhatt by Gujarat Government is among a long list of people discredited in devious ways, for standing up to the state government and against the then CM (sic)…”Referring to other people who have been subjected to “trumped up cases and false charges as payback” she mentioned aboutTeesta Setalvad, Mallika Sarabhai, Sreekumar, andRahul Sharma.

In the same context, Rajiv Kumar, who works at German Cancer Research Center said, “Convicted murderer, Maya Kodnani set free and Sanjiv Bhatt is sacked. Modi’s India is on full throttle!”

DeepaKhadar, techie,wrote in a post, “…Honest and educated civil servants are sacked while illiterate rioters, hooligans, rapists, and alleged murderers rule the nation…Incredible India, indeed!”

The grounds for Bhatt’s dismissal from service,“Unauthorized absence”, is surprisingly flimsy. Speaking about the motive, Hyderabad based Merlin Francis, an active Netizens said, “He’s (Modi) come to power to basically clean up everything that is connected to 2002 that can nail him.”

– Pritam


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