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They get their hands dirty for a healthy homeland

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BENGALURU: Walking down the lanes of Bengaluru, Mr Narasimhan and his wife Bharathi had been collecting dry waste for 18 long years. They also supervised 17 people who worked along with them for their daily bread.

The newly formed association (which is yet to be named) under the BBMP has put a stop to their work as they are not expected to receive the little paythat the residents of each lane offered them.

Mr Shiva Ganesh,an association member said that they had already designated BBMP workers for those areas with a fixed pay and theydidnot want the residents to be disturbed.

“Neither the corporation nor the residents have any problem with us working, infact they are satisfied with the work we do. It is only the newly formed association that is indifferent to us,” said Ms Bharathi.

The residents of Andree Road had provided them with two tricycles to make their work easier. The workers had also bought a rickshaw with their small earnings hoping to cover more areas along with Shanti Nagar and Richmond circle.

Suresh, one of the workers said, “It is not just for our living we are doing it but it is our contribution for a cleaner and healthier Bengaluru.”

– Aysha


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