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End of a semester

30 Sept. That is the end of a semester at St Josephs College Bengaluru. The next twelve-fourteen days, students will spend in reading and understanding what happened during the spent-semester. And the sit the end-semester exams and return to the new semester on 16 November.

Here we are: during these six weeks, our news blog will not provide you news. Only after the students return from their vacation will they restart producing The Beacon. The Beacon stories will be published online. That’s the secret!

Take care, relax, and watch this space!


Heavy rains cause floods, displace residents


BENGALURU: Residents of Horamavu Agara felt helpless when water started entering their houses and continued for two consecutive days due to the floods caused by the heavy rains in Horamavu Lake.

Since the lake is close to the locality, water seeped into the houses, inundating houses and compelling people to leave the locality and search for a shelter nearby.

Roads inundated in Horamavu Agara

Roads inundated in Horamavu Agara

“The water started entering houses in Rajanna Layout. The situation worsened on Monday evening when water level in the houses and streets went up to five feet,” said S V Vanamala, a resident of Rajanna Layout. This forced the residents out of their houses. “We have lost our property, food grains, and are living in others’ house,” she added.

Venkataramana, another resident exclaimed, “We can’t walk inside our houses. Imagine living in a house with five feet of water!” He also added, “We have lost almost everything including TV, refrigerator, cot, clothes and food grains.”

The encroachment of the lake is one of the major reasons for water entering the residential areas. “Originally the lake area was 37 acres, but now 17 acres of it has been encroached. As the lake size has been reduced to half of what it used to be, areas close to it were flooded,” said Ashok Kumar, Assistant Engineer at BDA.

Councillor of Horamavu ward, Radha Venkatesh saidm, “People who are living here are poor. They have purchased sites from others and have built houses on them. However, we have dug a trench so that water from the locality can flow easily into Horamavu Agara Lake.”

Sleeping folks get clicked


BENGALURU: A photo exhibition on the theme ‘Ordinary Folks at Siesta In style’, trying to capture ordinary people taking a nap at public places in the city, was organised by photo journalist, K Venkatesh at Chitra Kala Parishat on Monday morning.

“Though most of the people sleep in the night after straining body and mind, there is no fixed time for sleeping, whatever be the occupation and lifestyle. As anytime is good time to doze off, best time is afternoon, anywhere, any place and in any posture,” said Mr K Venkatesh organiser of the photo exhibition.

“The concept of photo journalism is to bring out simple things in a subtle way and this exhibition brings it out very aptly. These pictures show what words can’t express,” said Mr Ramakrishna, a journalist and visitor at the exhibition.

“Bengaluru breeze in the middle of a hot sunny day makes you want to sleep. Bengaluru’s weather has always attracted people to it, even though the exhibition doesn’t really concentrate on that, it relates to it on a larger outlook as it shows how people are laid-back and relaxed in the city, especially at a time when it is getting busy every day,” said a student of Chitra Kala Parishat

The exhibition was inaugurated on Monday morning and will go on till September 30 of this month.

Borewell water sells water

A bore well dug at Sri Guru Sai, a paying guest house in BTM Layout, which was meant to be used only for the building supply, is being used for illegally selling water to private water suppliers.

The bore well was dug two years ago, and the owner has been continuing his activities with no apparent interference from authorities. When The Beacon asked the employees of the paying guest what the water was used for, they maintained that it was used only for the building and denied selling it for commercial purposes.

Water tankers line up at the Sri Sai PG bore-well which is meant for building supply

Water tankers line up at the Sri Guru Sai PG bore-well which is meant for building supply

Contrary to the employees’ claims, nearby workers say otherwise. “There are at least 15-20 water tanks that make the rounds here everyday,” said Basamma, a construction worker from a nearby site.

The owner, Manjunath, sells each tank of water for about Rs 200, whereas the tank owners sell each tank for about Rs 1000, depending on the demand for the same.

“Everybody is paid off including the contractor for the area, the police and other involved parties. There is no stopping them,” said Krishna Reddy, a resident.

The residents complain of the constant flow of traffic due to the tanks and noise that disturbs the otherwise peaceful area, but added that they did not face any water shortage issues.

Frazer town residents donate blood

Andrea Aruna

BENGALURU: The blood donation camp launched by The Muslim Service Society (MSS) last week, in Frazer town, ended on Monday.

“This camp is organised annually for the benefit of the needy. We get special permission from the Government and the camp is organised in a safe manner,” said Mr Armaan Sayeed, Secretary of the association. “The aim is to attract the youth to donate as much blood as they can, and to serve the society,” he added.

Every year, along with the blood donation camp, a free medical checkup is provided for people. This year, an eye checkup camp had been organised for the residents. “A free medical checkup can be a good way to attract more people who could end up donating blood,” said Mr Sayeed.

The donations received are sent to nearby hospitals on the same day and are also sent to government hospitals and blood banks. The MSS collected around 1000 units of blood which broke records in the State and they are being awarded by the Government for promoting the blood donation drive.

“Safety of the donor is the most important thing for us, we ensure only hygienic needles and syringes are used in the whole camp. The blood is even tested for diseases like HIV or cancer before being sent to the blood banks,” said Dr Rehman Kareem, the supervisor of the blood donation camp.