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Teach for India teaches students to teach

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Teach For India (TFI), a leadership development programme, held a recruitment presentation for the students of St Joseph’s College (SJC) at Xavier Hall on September 3.

The TFI Fellowship is a two-year paid commitment, during which registered fellows are placed as full-time teachers in under-resourced and low-income schools.

During the presentation, Sanjana Dalmaya, a recruitment associate, said that TFI provided opportunity for students to develop as leaders, transform lives of students, and create better future for children, families and communities.

Students who were interested in the programme, registered themselves for the fellowship, after the presentation. Some professors also supported the cause.

“Volunteering in India is not known to many people. I wish all the best to those who are willing to forego two years for a good cause,” said Betty Daniel, Head of the Dept of Botany, SJC. “It’s an important cause. As a Josephite, I feel, those who can afford, should certainly take it up,” she added.

“It’s a choice between working for your livelihood and passion. Students who are willing to do social work after their graduation will be able to see the other side of the world, that is, life in rural areas,” said Namrata Harish, English Dept, SJC. “Students may not join by themselves, but they would prefer going through a medium, such as TFI,” she added.

While some supported the cause, Kiran Jeevan, HOD, Social Work, SJC, had a different take. “When Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) remove their corporate attitude towards helping people and speak in the language that people understand, people will be more receptive,” said Prof. Jeevan.

Prof. Jeevan also said that students who join NGOs may enjoy for a short period, but in the long run it does not do any good, because corporate outlook is not good in the area of social service. “I don’t see people getting their best from this very programme. That’s my only argument,” he added.

Two students, one from Under Graduation and another from Post Graduation, from the College were recruited in May 2015.


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