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‘BTP flags off ‘Wear Safety Helmet’ campaign

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BENGALURU: Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) carried out a special campaign ‘Wear Safety Helmet’ on Saturday morning at Cubbon Park, with the objective of increasing awareness among the youth to wear helmets while riding, and safeguarding their lives.

The campaign witnessed active participation from a large number of people. Asif Zain, a student said, ”I salute the entire team of BTP for carrying out campaigns in public interest for everyone’s safety. We all should abide by all the traffic rules which costs nothing, and will save many lives from unexpected accidents.”

Senior traffic police officers, Bangalore traffic wardens and the Biker clubs in Bengaluru also enthusiastically participated  in the event. N S Megharikh, IPS, Commissioner of Police said, “Though people know that the head is a vital part of the body and injuries to it are dangerous, many people don’t wear helmets or wear sub-standard helmets.” He added that by wearing proper helmets the risk of death can be reduced by 42%.

Complementing Mr Megharikh, Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety Dr Ramegowda emphasised on riders wearing quality helmets. “They should understand that their lives are at stake if they ride bikes without wearing strong helmets,” he said.

Commenting on the trend among students and youth for triple riding or indulging in drag racing, he said, “A two-wheeler is meant for only two, not for too many. Riders should stop triple riding and carrying excessive luggage on a two-wheeler. It contributes to road accidents,” he added.

The campaign focused on the mandatory law of wearing helmet for pillions too. “The pillions should also be safe while travelling on the bike and for that, wearing helmet is necessary,” Mr Ramegowda said.

The Bangalore Traffic Police also released data about 310 riders / pillion riders who were killed in 2012, 309 in 2013, 332 in 2014 and 201 till July 31, 2015.

The ‘Wear Safety Helmet’ campaign will last for a month and the traffic police will ensure strict enforcement of the helmet rule in the city.

– Akanksha


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