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Drainage pollutes drinking water

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BENGALURU: “We feel like we’re filling drainage water in our children’s water bottle,” said Venkata Babu, a laundry service man speaking about the problem faced by the residents of Shantinagar.

Mixing of drainage water has become an issue for the residents living in Shantinagar.

The corporation-provided water is polluted with the water from drainage, making it unfit to drink.

For the past few months, many such issues were raised against the BBMP by the Welfare Association Members.

However, there was no response from the officials. Residents said that bottled water was very expensive and many could not afford it.

Kavitha Hedge, Shantinagar Welfare Association Member said, “Every week we make sure that we remind the BBMP officials regarding the issue and we are also planning to organise a campaign against mixing of drainage water in our area.”

She further said that the BBMP workers visited the location, inspected the drainage facilities superficially, and turned a blind eye to the problem, leaving the residents in a fix.

The Shantinagar residents are hopeful that the newly elected BBMP officials would bring an end to this problem and provide clean and healthy water for the neighbourhood.

The newly elected BBMP council has a huge responsibility in providing its people with pure water and maintain the cleanliness and hygeine of this portable water.

– Pritica


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