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GCFA organises ‘Oota from your Thota’

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BENGALURU: Garden City Farmers Association (GCFA) organised an event called ‘Oota from your Thota’ in JP Nagar on Sunday.

The event educates farmers about organic farming and encourages them to practice it.

Organic produce vendors, organic farmers, and enthusiasts were a part of the event which was followed by an interactive session for the visitors with the guest speaker Mr Narayana Reddy, an organic farming pioneer from Doddaballapur.

“The key idea is to make people aware of the benefits of organic farming and how through simple ways it can be achieved. The food we consume every day is usually full of pesticides which is hazardous for health. Organic terrace gardening is simple, safe and keeps us healthy,” he said talking about the aim of the initiative.

“I have been a part of this since February 2011. New ways, techniques and everything one needs to know about organic farming are discussed here,” said Suresh P, a farmer from Kannamangala.

The association which conducts this event twice a year in different parts of Bengaluru tries to increase the awareness through workshops, discussions, exhibitions and video screening.

“A lot of knowledge about the subject is imparted through the event and it’s done in a very interesting manner which creates an interest in the visitor about the subject,” said Vimala Ramesh, homemaker and a regular visitor of the event.

GCFA has been organising the event since 2011 across the city to promote the concept of organic terrace gardening and organic urban farming among citizens.

– Ananth


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