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Passion for Learning should not end: British Council Asst Director

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CAMPUS: “Passion for learn­ing should never end. We should encourage students to read more. Learning contemporary things will help in building mental cha­risma,” said Mr Leighton Erns­berger.

Mr Ernsberger, Assistant Di­rector Skills Bengaluru at British Council Division, High Com­mission, visited St Joseph’s Post Graduate Centre on Friday.

The Council conducted The Great Debate in Xavier Hall for colleges in and around Bengal­uru. “The debate was conducted to encourage student interest in various aspects. It actually helps everyone to gain knowledge about the topics from different perspectives. The way they used illustrations to explain was very fascinating. It was fun watching the students justifying their opin­ions,” said Mr Ernsberger.

“The High Commission de­cided to conduct The Great De­bate competition in Bengaluru. Chevening scholarship will be given to the students to support their aspirations to study litera­ture as well as liberal arts” said Mr Ernsberger. The Council is also planning to take the students to the UK this year.

Speaking to The Beacon, Mr Leighton said, “We chose St Jo­seph’s College to conduct this competition as it is one of the reputed colleges in India.”

– Ashika


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