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Roopa Rao to release web series by January

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BENGALURU: Roopa Rao, independent film maker and writer,  plans to launch In These Moments, a web series on LGBT community by January 2016.

An interaction was organised for her to gain better insight, spread awareness about her series and to discuss problems of the community.

The informal discussion took place at Cafe Sanctum on Saturday. People from various walks of life participated and after screening the trailer, the audience gave their feedback and suggested different ways to improve the story.

In These Moments is a romantic tale of two girls who realise that what they share is more than friendship. The series is set in the 90’s. “There’s a beauty about 90’s, where people used landline phones and letters to express their love. That’s the feel I wanted to bring in my series,” said Ms Rao.

“I can connect with those who feel alienated from the society. My experiences and those of my friends are the main reason why I decided to shoot the series,” said Ms Rao, speaking on what inspired her to shoot the series.

Event organiser, Ms Ekta said that they decided to organise the interaction only five days ago and the response was good. “Roopa and I have been friends for a long time and this is my way of helping her reach out to people for a cause so timely and relevant in our Indian society,” added Ms Ekta.

Roopa Rao has co-directed Vishnuvardhana and Korai Ondrum Illai. She is also the co-founder of JustLikeThat Productions and has worked as process manager at Infosys.

– Akshitha


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