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I now understand the value of life : Yemen Escapee

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Reported by Akshita S.    Savitha and her family were in deep sleep before they were awakened by the sound of bombs at Sana’a. Her family has now moved to Bangalore but the memories of the war still linger.

The violence caused by a Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi forces to claim the government has had the worst impact on Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. “Living in Sana’a was a nightmare for me. We used to stock up food and basic essentials. We never knew what was going to happen,” expressed Ms Savitha. She added that the nights were the scariest as there would be air strikes and she would often pray her home wouldn’t be bombed.

“My family would sleep but I could not. How can I sleep knowing that every minute I could potentially lose everything?” she said.

Savitha with her family, left Yemen 15 days after the war began. The situation in Sana’a became unbearable and they had no reason to stay back. “I have a salon near my house, but I was too afraid to go for work. Schools closed early due to the war as well. Nothing was working out and on the last day of evacuation, we decided to leave,” said the Yemen escapee.

Speaking about how the Indian government responded to evacuate the refugees, Savitha said, “The Indian government were very helpful and rescued over 10,000 families from Yemen. They also permitted those without a passport to be rescued. Everything was taken care of.”

She also said that her seven-year old son, Lakshimikanth on hearing fireworks in Bangalore asked her if the city was being bombed. ” My son took a while to get over the war whereas Sonia, my daughter is coping really well.” She said that enrolling her son and daughter in school and pre-university was not difficult as they understood their plight and granted him admission.

“I hear the situation has worsened and I pray for all those going through this horrific phase,” said Savitha. It has been three months since she and her family moved to Bangalore. Savitha owns a salon and her husband, Prakash, runs a shop in Tippasandra.


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