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Children indulge in recycling waste

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BENGALURU: Children aged above five participated in the two-hour long “Upcyling” workshop conducted by Puja Gurung in Jayanagar on Sunday.

Puja Gurung, founder of Honeybees Nature Club, taught children to use waste materials gainfully. The children who participated in the workshop showed their creativity to the fullest by making a computer, a piggy bank and a butterfly using waste materials such as carton boxes, styrofoam balls, and plastic boxes.

Talking about the third workshop she conducted, Ms Gurung said, “I want the children to use their creativity and imagination to prepare useful materials from waste.”

She hoped that she would conduct more workshops like this in future.

Aadath, a 5-year-old boy said, “This is the first time I am coming to this workshop. I made a butterfly using a plastic box.”

Sanjana Govardhan Jayadev, a parent said, “I hope my daughter becomes aware of recycling waste. I have been attending all of Puja’s workshop with her.”


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