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One Rank One Pension – The ex-Servicemen’s War Cry

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Noel Ajoy William

BENGALURU: The Government has finally taken a decision to implement of the long-delayed One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for the ex-servicemen.

A retired Colonel of 1990 is paid lesser than a Colonel who retires in the present day. This led to protests by the ex-servicemen spearheaded by Satbir Singh, Maj (retd). It has been 42 years since the soldiers have been fighting their battle to get monetary benefits. And now, the deal and agreement have been accepted by the government.

“As they are very complex calculations depending on which year the officer retired, at what rank and the length of service, the government will have a tough time in distinguishing,” said R M Painuly, Retd Brigadier.

According to sources, a Brigadier who has served for 33 years shall get Rs 1,10,000 instead of Rs 69,000 and jawaan shall receive a hike of Rs 6,000.

“The service rendered by the soldiers is applauded by the increase in the pension and it also shows the assurances made by the government,” said Col Minhas (Kumaon Reg.)


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