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Zombies aren’t sexy

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Savya Shankar

CAMPUS: Prof Darryl Jones believes zombies aren’t sexy. They are monsters, flesh-eaters, and seem to be everywhere.

The Trinity College professor from Dublin (Ireland) was lecturing on zombies and its culture at St Joseph’s College (SJC) on Saturday. He with Prof Ronny Huston addressed the students of English Department, on “The Dead Walk: Zombie culture”.

Talking about Horror Fiction and the movies based on them, Prof Jones illustrated the zombie culture in movies like White Zombie (1932), Walked with a Zombie (1943), Plague of Zombies (1966) and The Serpent and the Rainbow (1980).

Prof Jones also spoke about the “Zombie Walk”, a protest against the global crisis, which took place in Dublin on July 28, 2008, in which around 80,000 people took part. He also mentioned that Dublin was the only city to have the largest Zombie Walk ever in the world.


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