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Power cuts disrupt life in Bengaluru

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Savya Shankar

BENGALURU: With the implementation of four hours daily load shedding between 6am to 9pm, by BESCOM, has disrupted the life of Bengalureans.

A city which rarely experiences power cuts is now crying for electricity. Unfamiliar with the frequent power cuts, many Bengalureans do not have sources for power back up like inverters and generators and thus they are using candles and emergency lights as they wait for the power.

Weekend seems to be a relaxation for the working professionals who want to spend quality time sleeping and with the family, but the frequent power cuts spoiled everyone’s plan last Sunday.

Moreover the residents of Bengaluru are surprised at the power cuts taking place immediately after the BBMP elections. Prashant Kumar, 31, a resident of Banashankari said,” I read in the newspaper that load shedding would be for about four hours a day, but in reality is completely”. He hardly had three hours of power on entire Sunday, his cell phone and laptop been discharged and his kids had a difficult time completing their assignments, he added.

While Navni Verma, 22, a resident of Tavarekere, said,” I am deeply frustrated with the frequent power cut; it seems Bengaluru has turned into a village.” The street were filled with darkness and she felt unsafe to come out of her home even at late evenings, she added.

Early morning power cuts are creating a mess for home-makers, who are facing difficulty in doing the regular household works. Also, the afternoon power cuts are disturbing the sleeps of the working professionals who do night shifts. Load


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