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Dilapidated toilet embarrasses women

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Dilapidated toilet embarrasses women

Nitin Murali

BENGALURU: A dilapidated public toilet in KS Garden Street, Shantinagar, makes it difficult for women to pass by the toilet. Men urinate in this toilet while women feel embarrassed to walk through the lane in front of the toilet.

This is also a route through which school going children walk every day.

“The women who walk past this way have no other go but to look at these men urinating. Some of us have warned people not to use the toilet but no one seems to understand,” said Shankar, a pipe dealer residing in Shantinagar.

He also added that many complaints had been filed at Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), but no one seemed to take any action.

“Let’s wait and see how the new councilor solves this problem,” said Shankar.

Since the passage is a small one, the toilet is easily noticeable and therefore it makes it difficult for passersby to ignore. Men do not seem to be ashamed of urinating in public sight.

“I clean this street every day. Even in my presence these men urinate with no shame,” said Gangamma, a sweeper.

“What can we do when we are in emergency? At least people must have the satisfaction that we aren’t urinating in the middle of the road,” said Raja (name changed), a daily wage worker.

BBMP is yet to initiate any action concerning the issue.

“We are planning to demolish the toilet as of now,” said Mr Prabhulingha, Joint Secretary, BBMP, East Zone.


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