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Para Volleyball selection to be held at Kanteerava Stadium

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by Pawan S

BENGALURU: Ahead of the National level Para Volleyball match starting from October 9, Kanteerava Stadium is all set to select the players for Karnataka team on Sunday.

Four national level referees, including the national team captain, will be serving as the members of selection committee. The selection process will start from 11 a.m. Out of an estimated 50-60 players aspiring to play for the state, only 15 players will be selected.

In light of the fact that the financial conditions of some players might not have allowed them to get sufficient training, Karnataka State Handicap Volleyball Committee (KSHVC), has requested Mr Reddy, Coach of Para Volleyball team to provide ten days of free training for the selected players from September 15.

To qualify for the eligibility criteria, players who are above 18 years old can participate in the selection process after providing their respective medical certificates a day before the selection.

“It is proud fact to say that Karnataka has been one of the best teams; it has won 19 gold medals so far and we are hoping that the talent of players will be recognised and awarded by the State government,” said Harish Gowda, Secretary of KSHVC.

The match is to be held under the rules and regulations provided by the Netherlands Volleyball Association. The tournament will be held till October 11 at Gundurao Playground, Malleswaram, where teams from 19 states will be participating for the National level title.




  1. sunil bhovi says:

    I am volley ball plyear

  2. Dev Devendra says:

    Im a valley ball plyear….i left befor 1year back…but nw i wanna play valley ball

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