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MAD sensitises people to children

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Ashwin S.

BENGALURU: More than 700 people gathered at Freedom Park on Sunday to participate in an awareness campaign to sensitise the society towards the existing conditions of children in shelter homes.

The crowd consisted of people from all ages. Back-A-Thon, the marathon in which people walk backwards, was organised by Make A Difference (MAD), a non-profit organisation.

Speaking to The Beacon, Deepak Ramachandran, a member of the Core Team said that their vision was to ensure education and shelter to children who were economically backward.

Talking about the objective of the event, Jithin C Nedumala, founder of MAD said, “we chose Back-A-Thon instead of a regular marathon because it symbolises a back push to the current system where there is no space for education to underprivileged children”.

“It was the first time I took part in a social awareness campaign and it made me feel responsible for the proper upbringing of children”, said Gowtham Sharma, a student from Sri Krishna Institute of Technology.

MAD, which functions in 23 cities , is associated with various shelter homes across India.


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