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Social media activists support Kalasa-Banduri protests

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Ralph Alex Arakal

BENGALURU: Social Website Kannadigas, a forum of social media activists, came together to express solidarity with those protesting in their home-towns demanding early completion of the Kalasa-Banduri project, at Town Hall on Sunday.

According to B N Mithun, an organiser of the protest, drinking water issues for the people of Dharwad, Gadag and Vijayapura are something the government is paying least attention on. “I hope that the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources takes suitable action to solve the issue at the earliest,” he said. 

Politicians R.S.N.Gowda and M.S Sunil took part in the protest and expressed their solidarity with the protesters. “The project can be completed by next summer which would solve our water crisis,” said Gurudasappa, a native of  Gadag. He added that the State government had to persuade the Union government to address the problem of drinking water.

The Kalasa-Banduri project is to be implemented as part of the Mahadayi River water-sharing project with Goa.   


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