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Ganesha festival goes eco-friendly this year

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Ashika A Rao

BENGALURU: The nightmare of our lakes is fast approaching as Ganesha Chathurthi is round the corner. This is the time of year that every lake which has water in it would actually be wishing it were dry enough to turn away devotees of Lord Ganesha.

Every year during the Ganesh Chathurthi festival, thousands of idols that do not dissolve in water because of its hazardous composition of paint and paraphernalia find their way to lakes and immersion tanks polluting them. It also creates tons of garbage around the city after the festival.

hivashankar, a resident of Jayanagar said, “Every year after the festival, immersion of idols creates a serious menace. Earlier, major lakes used to get contaminated by the hazardous chemicals used in the idol painting. After the advent of Plaster of Paris (POP) things have changed.”

This year, in order to encourage people to use eco-friendly clay Ganesha idols, many organisations and educational institutions have come up with workshops to train people in making such idols.

MAPSAS (Mahadevapura Parisara Samrakshane Mattu Abhivrudhi Samiti) is one such organisation which recently conducted the workshop for all age groups in Mahadevapura. Pavan from Potter’s Club trained the enthusiasts to make the idol.

“It’s a nice initiative by many NGOs and other organisations to save our environment. Eco- friendly Ganesha is coming home for this festival,” said Janaki Sitharam, a resident of Vijayanagar.

“As these idols are pocket-friendly and available in the market, it is good if everyone who loves this festival celebrates it with eco-friendly idol,” she added.


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