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K R Puram drowns in civic problems

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BENGALURU: Residents of K R Puram hope for better civic conditions in the near future. The civic issues here are many, compared to the core city issues.

HAL Airport and DRDO divisions come under this constituency and so do International Tech Park Limited (ITPL), Tin factory,  and Indian Telephone Industry (ITI). The main issue here is water problem. Many households, in spite of already paying the BWSSB, do not get sufficient water in the locality.

“As for the people who do get water, they don’t get enough water as it is not being supplied on a regular basis. To add to the water issue, sewage in the locality seeps underground causing the ground water to get contaminated,” said Rakesh Kandathil, a resident.

Most parts of this constituency have bad roads ridden with potholes, and there are only mud roads in some areas. Devasandra Road, for instance, is narrow and also encroached by vendors. Accidents are very common on this road. “There is a proposal to widen this road but nothing has been done,” said Varna Krishna, a resident who has been actively working on civic issues.

“We are paying tax for everything, and we deserve better civic amenities. We are always willing to cooperate,” said Raghavendra Kumar, an employee of infosys. According to him, potholes on roads and pathetic state of bus-stops are the main problems of this area.

The bad condition of the Outer Ring Road, which passes through K R Puram, makes it difficult for the commuters, thereby creating traffic problems.


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