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Shantinagar residents better off sans BBMP

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Pritica N.

BENGALURU: “If not them, let us be the change,” said Priya Sharma, member of the Shantinagar Welfare Association.

Garbage issue has turned to be the bane of Bangalore in the past few years. But the residents of Shantinagar have come up with their own solution to getting rid of the garbage piled up in their streets.

Shantinagar Welfare Association  has sent a circular to all the shops and supermarkets asking them to stop the use of plastic covers, plastic cups and any such material made out of plastic, and start using paper bags or cloth bags, instead.

They have also circulated the information to each member of the association to start recycling the organic waste by dumping it in their backyard for various other purposes.

“We are very proud to be the first shop in the area to start using paper bags instead of plastic cover,s” said Shafeeq, owner of Sapna supermarket in Shantinagar

“Being part of this attempt makes me really feel enthusiastic,” said Banumathi, a resident of Andree Road.

Blaming the BBMP is not going to change anything, so we have taken this initiative. This is the best way to make our society clean and healthy, added Banumathi.


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