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Namrita Harish enlightens students of political science.

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Aysha Sanam

CAMPUS: “For urban Indian women, there is an anxiety of identity and expression at the same time, an identity which tries to mould itself into modern India as well as stay within its tradition,” said Namrita Harish addressing the students of I MA Political Science on Tuesday.

The Assistant Professor, Department of English, spoke on ‘India’s Urban Women and Their Use of New Media for Visual Self Expression’.

Ms Harish gave the students a brief insight into how boldness of women is seen as a marker of modernity. She also explained, what Mr Samant Subramanian said on,  how  the urban Indian women travel in two boats, tradition and modernity and how the balance has to be stuck between the two.

Responding to the questions posed by the students, she said how people have a loose understanding of feminism and how it is not about hating men, rather existing on the same floor without any discrimination.

Speaking to The Beacon about the purpose of the lecture, Ms Priyanka Mathur, PG Coordinator said, “It is a very relevant and major issue that the youth of this generation should be well aware of.”


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