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‘Dislike’ button coming up

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Ralph Alex Arakal

22 Sept. BENGALURU: The find of the millennium, Facebook which started as a simple website providing place for discussing and sharing information, has a unique place in all its users’ social lives. The social network went up the ladder to greater heights after the discovery made by a Harvard student and his friends.

The words ‘like,’ ‘comment,’ and ‘share’ received a new meaning after the social-media hangout came into being.

Facebook has introduced a 'dislike' button on its walls

Facebook has introduced a ‘dislike’ button on its walls

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that his company was working on developing a ‘dislike’ button, which was a frequent demand made by the people.

The much-awaited dislike button is also believed to create problems to some users on Facebook. According to Nakul Sreedhar, a techie from Bannerghatta, the ‘dislike’ button would even affect the well-being of individuals as well as companies and organisations. “Even if it creates some negativity, it gives us a chance to place our opinion more clearly,” he said.

The ‘like’ button is considered very important as it calculates the economic value for various brands, products and even artists. The number of ‘likes’ also acts as the deciding factor and a valuable piece of information to the advertisers, where they can evaluate their campaigns, audience-reach and services.

In a way, Facebook has always tried to be positive and has been a platform for promotion of many organisations and individuals.

The introduction of the ‘dislike’ button can also be a concern in the future with issues that can affect one negatively. “I can’t wait to see how my friends would react when I ‘dislike’ any of their posts,” said Vinayak Katyayan, I BSW, St Joseph’s College.

According to reports, the ‘dislike’ button will be ready for test soon, and more developments could take place depending on the results collected.


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