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Social Work conducts seminar on women empowerment

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Sonam Rai

CAMPUS: “It is important to respect the dignity of women and it must begin from home,” said Fr Victor Lobo, Principal, during the one-day seminar on Women’s Empowerment, conducted by the Department of Social Work, on Wednesday.

“Through the seminar we were looking at the role of women in four different areas – politics, media, police, and academia. We aim to come up with resolutions that we can give to the Government with possible solutions to solve women’s problems,” said Prof. Kiran Jeevan, Department of Social Work. “We will submit the solutions through National Student Union of India (NSUI) which is a government body,” added Prof. Kiran Jeevan.

Pushpa Achanta, activist and freelancer, spoke about the state of sexual victims in the country, be it women, men or transgender.

While talking about the state of sexually harassed, she said that it was not possible for them to go to police or government hospitals for examination. They were doubly victimised and made to answer derogatory questions. That was why people hesitated to complain, she said.

Ms Achanta added the burden to seek relief was on the oppressed and the harassed. But if they stopped complaining, then the problem would perpetuate, she said.

“The seminar was very educative. It helped us understand how different people have different views on the same topic. By interacting with many people we understood many things,” said Sr Janci, II BSW.

Mr Manjunath, State President and Cyril Prabhu, General Secretary, NSUI, were present for the valedictory programme.


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