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Frazer town residents donate blood

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Andrea Aruna

BENGALURU: The blood donation camp launched by The Muslim Service Society (MSS) last week, in Frazer town, ended on Monday.

“This camp is organised annually for the benefit of the needy. We get special permission from the Government and the camp is organised in a safe manner,” said Mr Armaan Sayeed, Secretary of the association. “The aim is to attract the youth to donate as much blood as they can, and to serve the society,” he added.

Every year, along with the blood donation camp, a free medical checkup is provided for people. This year, an eye checkup camp had been organised for the residents. “A free medical checkup can be a good way to attract more people who could end up donating blood,” said Mr Sayeed.

The donations received are sent to nearby hospitals on the same day and are also sent to government hospitals and blood banks. The MSS collected around 1000 units of blood which broke records in the State and they are being awarded by the Government for promoting the blood donation drive.

“Safety of the donor is the most important thing for us, we ensure only hygienic needles and syringes are used in the whole camp. The blood is even tested for diseases like HIV or cancer before being sent to the blood banks,” said Dr Rehman Kareem, the supervisor of the blood donation camp.


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