Hundred Hands wrap up Handmade Collective artistically

 BENGALURU: Beautifully crafted colorful work of art was displayed by skilled artisans at the Handmade Collective in Benson Town, successfully concluding on December 6th.

The sixth edition of this initiative conceptualized by A Hundred Hands helped bringing various craftsmen together with much interaction and appreciation from the visitors, as it wrapped up on Saturday.

The 5 days exhibition served as a mixing pot of multiple art and culture, with delinquently crafted handmade pieces. There were over seventy-eight stalls put up by craftsmen from unheard rural places of the country.

Molded work of tin to create names, iron indigenous cutlery, clay jewellery, straw baskets, spices art work, art of tatting, woven carpets, scented candles, etc. were some of the handmade items displayed by Mughal designers, Sanjhi workers, Gond painters, Pashmina stitchers, Kutch weavers, and few of the entrepreneurs of urban Bengaluru who left their corporate fields into the world of art.

The adoption centre for little puppies grabbed a lot of attention from the people, many of who proposed to adopt them.

The show stealer of the event was the stall of Mednipur artists, Pattachitrakars, who sang their folklore to the people explaining their naturally painted artwork, narrating his melodious generational old stories. “We are grateful to Mala ma’am, who gave us this platform to showcase our traditions to all,” said Prabir Chitrakar.

“This is the bigger show. It is amazing how so many artisans play wonderfully with their colors,” said a volunteer at A Hundred Hands, Deity. She added that the footfall this year was tremendously high.

From gorging on some mouth-watering food to sighting the varied spectra of vibrant colors were a treat to the eyes.“We are celebrating handmade. It is nice to see people, young ones especially, appreciating the handmade art and craft,” said Mala Dhawan, one of the trustees of the initiative, who had been interacting with the visitors at the venue with her sister, and other trustee, Sonia Dhawan.

-Shirsha M

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