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Jain University lifts rolling trophy at WAAC

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 CAMPUS: Jain University, Jayanagar won rolling trophy at Wild 5 fest organised by Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club (WAAC) at UG quadrangle on Saturday.

Claiming to be Bengaluru’s biggest inter-collegiatefest, 12 colleges around the city participated,Kristu Jayanti College won their runner up rolling trophy.

As an educative cultural fest, Wild 5 was inaugurated by Rev Prem Mitra, and Head priest of St John’s Cathedral and a renowned Environmentalist. Spreading awareness among students regarding wildlife, the wildlife theme was seen in and around UG Quadrangle.

Pangolin (Manis Tarsi Caudata) was centre of attraction, as this year’s Mascot–Theme animal. “To be found mostly in Karnataka, Pangolin is getting in danger and it is our duty to preserve and spread awareness among citizens.

We have been showcasing Mascot for every year in wild fest to ensure that students know about the animals in danger,” said Nairika Barucha, 2ND CEB, and Convener of wild.

Moot court was exclusive event which was added to this year’s wild fest that welcomed law students around the city from Al-Ameen Law College and BMS Law College.

This event included a virtual case where the competitors were given a situation regarding environment crisis and was judges upon their judgment on the case.

We read lot of judgment and analyse those in our course, but standin g at position as judge will be a tricky one and interesting for us to know how balanced we are in dealing with environment cases, said students of Al-Ameen College.

-Pawan S


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