Play Learn Change -‘Arivu Disha’ arrives at SJC

 CAMPUS: Around 400 students from various government schools across the state gathered at St. Joseph’s college as a part of Tackle fest held at the college campus by Headstreams in association with the English Department on Saturday.

A creative and an interactive platform was setup at the college premises for the students to understand and learn about various opportunities available after completing school. They were engaged in various learning activities conducted by the volunteers in the learning stations setup at the campus. Nearly 45 such stalls were put up around the campus for this purpose.

Tackle fest.jpg

PHOTO: Srimathi P

Various concepts related to Science, Maths and Communication were demonstrated through simple experiments and models for the better understanding of the students. “When students get to see practical applications of the concepts, they can understand and remember it better ”, said Headmistress of Mudhuvadi Government school, Kolar, as she spoke about the objective of the Tackle fest and also exclaimed that the students were very happy and enjoyed the learning at St.Joseph’s college. She also spoke about their plan to implement a similar learning methodology at their schools. “As the students now have a better understanding, they will be able to explain it better to other students who could not attend the fest”, she added.Talking about her experience in the fest, Rajeshwari, a Student from KR puram government school, Bengaluru said that she found the science experiments very interesting as they were explained very well by the volunteers; she also enjoyed the fest and learnt a lot here.

Talking to The Beacon about the Tacke fest,Anu Thomas, Project Manager, Headstreams, said ,” This is the 4th year of ‘Arivu Disha’, a program that aims at providing opportunities to government school students in gaining access to well established colleges in the city and learn about multiple courses available after schooling.” The 9th standard students from 4 Government schools of Nandhagudi, Mudhuvadi, Kolar, KR Puram, Bengaluru and Harati, Hoskote were a part of this Tackle fest.


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