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Law on helmets for pillion riders comes into force

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BENGALURU: If you are a biker in Silicon City, it is time for you to pick up another helmet for your pillion rider.

The rule that pillion riders in the City must wear helmets comes into force from Tuesday, January 12.

M. A. Saleem, Additional Commissioner of Bengaluru Traffic Police, said, “We are introducing this for the benefit of public, as per the law. We are now campaigning to create awareness. From January 20, the rules shall be implemented strictly. If they violate the rules, they will be penalised.”

For a week, at the beginning of this campaign, the police will not strictly enforce the new rule but bring about awareness and warn riders. But after January 20, the traffic police will take actions against those who violate the rules.

The Bengaluru Traffic Police and Transport Department have together implemented the new rule in the interests of safety of two wheeler riders. “The direction from Supreme Court came in March 2015. If we do not implement the rules, it will be contempt of court,” said Ramegowda, Transport Commissioner.

Aashika helmet

Pillion riders are seen in helmets across the city. PHOTO:NITIN

Ramegowda, said, “We have given 15 days of time for the public. However, the transport department has nothing to do with it. Police is the enforcement agency.”

“It is good for pillions to wear helmet. This is for safety purpose. We should support this new rule for our own safety. It will also protect one from dust and harsh sunlight. Instead of cursing the government for the new rule, let us co-operate for our own benefit,” said Shravan, a techie.

Santhosh S, another techie who travels everyday on his two-wheeler from Nagarbhavi to Peenya, however felt that though the rule is for safety purposes, there are many drawbacks to it. He raised questions such as to how elderly people will wear helmets as pillion riders. How will children wear helmets? he asked. “It is beneficial but tedious. It will become the rider’s responsibility to carry another helmet for whoever the pillion is going to be,” he said.

Adithya Gururaj, techie and traveller, says, “It is very beneficial. It should be compulsory all over the country. While riding for long distances on bikes, a helmet for pillion would be very safe. We should stop criticizing and pull our socks up for our own safety.”

-Ashika A Rao


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