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Aathma wins Strawberry Fields

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BENGALURU:  The 19th edition of Strawberry fields, a three day student friendly music festival organized in the National Law School India University, in Bangalore over the weekend. The music festival showcases music bands and live performances from all over the country, and is also called as “India’s best college rock festival”, by the rock street journal.

This edition noticed over 40 bands across the country, and Navin Richard, a stand-up comedian from Bangalore who stole the show.

“The last day of the festival saw performances by the bands like Family cheese, Skrat and Bevar Sea. Among the 40 participating bands, only 5 made it to the finals and Aathma band from Bangalore won the title of Strawberry Fields 2015.

“Strawberry Fields has been improving throughout the years and has witnessed tremendous music, also more that the competition it is the fusion music that brings people together” said Noel William one of the volunteers at the event.

We don’t see bands generally like this, there are metal bands coming from Meghalaya and Darjeeling to take part in this edition.I been here for three years, and have seen a lot of improvement over the years and even the competition is increasing. We don’t judge fusion act as a fusion act, we judge it within a parameter of being a good fusion act, said Aditya Kalsotra, one of the organisers at Strawberry Fields.

Savya Shankar
I MA Comm


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