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Carnival projects artists

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BENGALURU: Bengaluru Carnival, a two-day event in Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, which ended on Sunday, provided a new platform to showcase the talents of various artists.

The highlight of the event was the flea market with 60 stalls where artisans offered exotic products from across the country. Products like handmade pottery, designer bottles, used/rare books, contaminant-free spices, creative quirky stickers, wooden and bamboo accessories and water reed baskets woven by the women of Manipur were available.

“This carnival is an amazing platform for creative people to showcase their talents and earn from them,” said Gayathri Nair, who had a variety of dream catchers to offer.

The stall also saw some start-ups offering their wares. “Through this carnival we focused on word of mouth publicity; start-ups like ours need a feasible way to let people know about us,” said R Karthik Kumar, the marketing head of Spice Rush, which offered fresh ground spices and chutney powders directly from the farmers of Dyandi and thereby supporting their community

The event included live stage performances by five different music bands, food trucks offering Mexican, French, Lebanese, North Indian, Chinese and continental food and game spots like rodeo bull, rock climbing, hammer arm, balloon shooting and live pottery.

Saikat Saha, the founder of Wood Geek Store that sold bamboo notebooks, bamboo sunglasses and wooden phone cases, said they came all the way from Kolkata to spread the word out on their rare products and to interact with their customers.

Roshni Mehta, a techie, said, “It is a full package of fun with the music, the food, the games and the brilliantly creative artists.”


Chaitra Krishnan
I MA Comm


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